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There are several possibilities for your wedding day. One of the most acceptable ways to plan a perfect wedding is to have exclusive, luxury, and exquisite transportation to the altar. Still, one of the most popular is to hire a luxury chauffeur vehicle to accompany you as you say “I do” in a unique and magnificent style. Westway Ride London provides a car and luxury chauffeur vehicle service for weddings in London, complete with amenities and details tailored to this special event.

To plan a wedding, all of the details must be considered: invitations, floral arrangements, centrepieces, and the vehicle chosen to transport the bride and groom to the altar. It’s a significant decision because all the guests will be present to witness this moment and marvel at an entrance fit for a princess.

To make your dreams come true, we have a variety of wedding luxury chauffeur vehicles in our fleet that cater to various tastes and preferences. For example, if you want a car with a more classic style, you can choose our Rolls Royce Phantom, or if you’re going to draw more attention and make a fun wedding.


To help you choose the right vehicle for your wedding, we’ve listed the cars we’ve put at your disposal below so you can see which one best suits your style:

The Black Mercedes Benz V Class: It is designed in the latest design and style and has a vast internal space that can accommodate up to seven people. It’s a ground-breaking and unique way to arrive at your wedding.

The Mercedes Viano minivan is a black minivan with a seating capacity of seven people and, like all Mercedes vehicles, has an elegant and refined style.

The Black Mercedes Benz S Class: Luxury chauffeur vehicle is one of the most refined and traditional vehicles, and it complements the most elegant weddings wonderfully.

Range Rover Autobiography: We also have the most outrageous variant. Brides who want to add a unique and entertaining touch to their wedding will love this.

Rolls Royce Phantom: Luxurious chauffeured vehicle that is a more sombre and beautiful alternative ideal for the most remarkable events with a diverse range of guests.

So far, we’ve only rented chauffeur vehicles for weddings, but we also have lovely cars that are more understated yet have stunning finishes and are great for leaving everyone stunned.  

Some affordable choices for wedding luxury vehicles:

A black Mercedes E-Class sedan is a beautiful vehicle with five seats ideal for arriving at your wedding quietly but with distinction.

We at Westway Ride London want to share this wonderful day with you. Therefore to make it even more memorable, we’ve added some extra services to ensure that the car that transports you is ideally suited to the theme of your wedding. As a result, the vehicle that transports you to the ceremony will be driven by a uniformed chauffeur. On-demand, we can add two bottles of cava, sweet nibbles, and mineral water for you inside the car so you may share this precious moment with your spouse in privacy or with family, and, of course, a floral decoration according to your preferences will be placed on the outside of the car so that it truly becomes your wedding car.

Our goal is to make your wedding day a wonderful experience for you and your guests. As a result, we will use our experience and knowledge to advise you and assist you in planning this significant event.

Westway Ride aims to provide high-quality services to high-quality customers. Thus all vehicles have the necessary regulatory papers to transport passengers. We also have fast car and passenger insurance policies to keep you safe. Our staff consist of skilled specialists who will devote all their time and effort to making your event a success.

Choose the best luxury chauffeur vehicle for your London wedding, and we’ll help you make this special day unforgettable for you and your guests.

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