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Flight-related Queries

Westway Ride closely monitors flight schedules to ensure timely service, striving to be there ahead of time for early arrivals. We monitor flights and arrange your pickup accordingly, the free waiting time at the Airport is 60 minutes after the flight landing.

Travel time from Heathrow to Central London is approximately 60 minutes, and from Gatwick, it’s around 80 minutes, subject to traffic and time of day.

Simply inform us via phone or email, and we will update your booking accordingly.

Meeting the Chauffeur at the Airport

Upon exiting customs, your Westway Ride chauffeur, holding a name-board, will be waiting for you. Our live controllers are there to help you. Should you face any difficulty in locating your chauffeur, contact us at +442037458989 or use the chauffeur’s number provided in your booking confirmation. Please stay within the terminal until you meet your chauffeur.

Pricing and Payment

No, these are additional costs added to your final invoice, charged at cost price on the actual receipts. At the Airport 60 minute wait and parking are free. The additional parking charges start after 60 minutes. Tolls and congestion charges are usually added in the booking price if your itinerary is known, otherwise may be added later.

We recommend arriving 2-3 hours prior to your flight for international departures and checking specific airline guidelines for domestic flights.

Westway Ride monitors flights and schedules the chauffeur’s arrival for 20-30 minutes post-landing to minimize waiting charges. Additional delays are charged on an hourly basis, broken down into 15-minute segments.

Chauffeur Conduct and Service

Our chauffeurs strictly comply with all speed limits and traffic laws.

Chauffeurs drive safely and sensibly, respecting road conditions and legal speed limits.

 Your confidentiality is paramount. All chauffeurs adhere to strict non-disclosure agreements.

While our chauffeurs are courteous and responsive to passenger-initiated conversation, they prioritize discretion and respect for privacy.

Our chauffeurs abide by legal stipulations, refraining from mobile phone usage while driving.

Absolutely, chauffeurs will assist handling luggage for enhanced safety and courtesy.

Chauffeurs are professionally attired in dark suits, shirts, and ties.

General Booking Information

Certainly. We hold a valid license granted by the Public Carriage Office, designating us as a Private Hire operator under the authority of Transport for London. Our unique Operator number is 738503– you’re welcome to verify this information on the Transport For London website. 

Additionally, you can independently confirm the licensing status of each driver engaged for bookings. Adhering to Transport for London regulations, our licensed operator status mandates comprehensive insurance coverage, including Public Liability insurance, individual passenger insurance, and car insurance for each vehicle within our fleet.

Yes. We are a UK VAT registered company under Registration No: 344708885

Yes, you can book individual trips to avoid charges during wait times.

We offer baby and child seats upon request, but they must be fitted by the customer as per legal requirements.

Yes, you can request to be informed by call, email, or other means when making your booking.

 For bookings, call + 44 208 7458989 or use our secure online booking system or email us your itinerary at [email protected]

While we can accommodate bookings made an hour in advance, we advise booking as soon as your travel plans are confirmed to secure the vehicles. Sometime in the last moment the vehicle availability can’t be ensured.

Our bookings are paid in advance but Yes, we offer business accounts with trip-based or invoicing options. Contact our office for more details.

Wedding Services and Events

Yes, we offer post-reception transportation for the bride and groom at an additional cost, with options for different vehicles. You can also book for any other Events.

Our wedding cars are booked for the duration of your event, allowing for multiple trips and availability for photographs. Additional time can be accommodated at an hourly rate.

Vehicle Information

All vehicles are washed daily, regularly valeted, and undergo thorough safety checks, including 6-monthly MOTs and manufacturer-recommended servicing.

Yes, umbrellas are available for our clients’ use.

For pricing details, please refer to our tariff page.

No, VAT is charged additionally at 20%.

Extra charges apply only on Christmas Days and New Year’s Day.

Vehicle Features and Capacity

Chargers for various phones, including iPhones and Blackberries, are available in our cars.

Our vehicles are non-smoking.

While water is provided, we do not permit eating inside our vehicles.

All our vehicles are less than 3 years old.

All cars have radio and CD players. Selected vehicles also offer DVD and Wi-Fi; please specify your requirements when booking.

Our luxury vehicles have varying luggage capacities, detailed in our vehicle information while booking.