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Mercedes Benz Sprinter - 19-Seater Version

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Westway Ride offers the Mercedes Sprinter Executive Coach as the deluxe option for upgraded team travel. It is not just a bus but offers a private jet experience on the road to up to 19 passengers.
 Ideally suited out, the huge cabin conveys a mobile lounge feeling with executive-class conveniences everywhere it is necessary. Comfort and style are all around in plush leather seating, custom wood accents and tailored appointments. 

On board entertainment systems, Wi-Fi and USB ports increase productivity and enjoyment. With its large capacity luggage compartment, it delivers any cargo on trips near and away.
 As sleek both in form and function, the Sprinter slides down avenues and freeways with ease. Commercial-grade chassis ensures stability when travelling afar and incorporates the latest driver assistance innovations for safety and convenience. Meanwhile, the powerful turbodiesel engine gives smooth and effective travel.

The Mercedes Sprinter Executive Coach provides Westway Ride’s luxury experience for many over one but this time in the corporate events, VIP delegations and private groups with the customized transportation depending on what they need. It symbolizes an adaptation on the move, as it declares a unique style through secrecy and content.

Mercedes Benz Sprinter - 19-Seater Version

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