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BMW 7 Series

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The Mercedes-Benz V-Class is the flagship of Westway Ride’s premium fleet, being the executive van addition to the fleet. Designed for comfort and to differentiate beyond the boardroom, this mobile lounge is ideal for corporate clients and families with varied needs.

Inside, the options range from efficiency to rejuvenation. The first-class facilities include massaging leather armchairs, lounge settings, and a business-class multimedia system for up to eight passengers. 

Climate controls, Wi-Fi, device charging and other amenities optimize comfort for work or play. During mobile meetings, the cabin was wisely reconfigured into a personal mobile conference room.
 Discretion and safety are always of primary importance as confidentiality is maintained throughout every trip in the city or country. Expertise engineering offers both stability for all-road use and driver assistance technology to ensure responsible travel to your destination. Additional finishes such as ambient lighting make it possible for travellers to create just the right atmosphere on the move.

The luxury offered by Westway Ride can be seen from airport transfers, corporate teams shuttling and even family holiday adventures; all of which are packaged in a flexible design. It takes executive expectations into a van that is so much more. Privacy, distinction and comfort blend perfectly to form a new dimension of business travel that is far more than just a means of transportation. This vehicle makes transparent the V-Class’s position at the summit, ready to take our discerning clientele in both function and appearance.

BMW 7 Series