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Terms and Conditions

The business name of General Westway Chauffeurs Limited is Westway Ride. The company is registered in England and Wales with registration number 738503, TFL Operator License number 738503, and VAT registration number 344708885. By using our services, you agree to the Westway Ride terms and conditions.

As a global provider of chauffeur services, you can book a driver through our company. URL https://www.westwayride.com and our registered chauffeur will give the service. Our chauffeur service provider partners are fully licensed and insured by their respective transportation authorities. When you use our service, you accept the terms and conditions outlined on our website’s terms page.

1. Explanations and Definitions Within these Terms:

“These conditions” refers to the official terms and conditions of this document and (unless the context indicates otherwise) to the official terms and conditions of this website’s passengers and Providers of services The term “passenger” refers to the person who employs the services, utilises the services, or enters the vehicle with the permission of the person or organisation reserving our services.
The Provider Agency” refers to WESTWEY CHAUFFEURS LTD. “The Contract” refers to the agreement containing the provision for the reservation of a driver and chauffeur service under the following terms: “The Service” refers to the transportation service that begins with our service picking up people. Following these circumstances, a provider may pick up a passenger from the Pickup ad address and drive them to their destination.

2. Stipulations

When the services are purchased by the passenger and sold by the service provider, the customer enters into a binding contract and Westway Chauffeurs being the operator is responsible for the bookings and transport services solely, without transferring this responsibility to any third party including the drivers. The contract will become effective upon acceptance of the booking or reservation request from the passengers to the service provider.

Pacing an order to the service provider indicates the passenger’s position accepts all terms and conditions outlined in the documents, and covers all channels for placing an order, including the website https://www.westwayride.com, the telephone, and any travel agent or agency.

The terms of the agreement.

The service provider maintains the right to modify and update the terms and conditions without prior notification at any time. The new terms and conditions of the service provider will become effective immediately following their publication on the website.

No Reservation or order filed by a passenger shall be construed as a confirmed reservation and accepted by the service provider until you receive a written email or phone call from the service provider representative authorized by the service The service shall be provided as indicated in the service provider’s sales materials unless the passenger makes a request that the service provider accepts.
According to the price list provided by the service provider, the service will be provided. Any additional reservations made will be altered accordingly. The service provider is not obligated to adhere to any other source’s pricing information, including internet price lists, pictures, or brochures.

The service provider reserves the right to modify the product’s specifications that must comply with safety or regulatory criteria that do not impact the effectiveness of the Travel agents and subcontractors are not permitted to confirm services. unless the service provider receives written confirmation from the authorized official through email or telephone.

By accepting a contract, a passenger cannot assert or rely on any exemptions that the airline service provider has not confirmed. The service provider is not obligated by this condition unless and until it has been agreed upon in writing via email, written papers, or telephone confirmation from the service provider’s authorized agent to the Service shall be provided at the rate specified in the service provider’s current sales

Reservation for a passenger.

Any other pricing may be considered if the service provider and passenger agree to it in writing.
The special price provided by the service provider outside of the service provider’s price list document or published price list shall only be valid for 24 hours or a particular period specified by the service provider.
The service provider reserves the right to adjust service fees at any moment prior to the delivery by notifying the passenger to reflect the rise in cost to the service provider as a result of inflation factors that are outside the control of the service provider (such as changes in delivery dates, service quality, and government regulations) Taxes, fuel prices, passenger-caused delay, passenger-requested modification in service quantity, failure to give the service provider accurate information).

The Service Provider reserves the right to utilize a third party, contractor, or subcontractor to perform the Services offering passenger service. With any reasonable request for information from the service provider, the customer must provide the requested information provider will give the names and addresses of these third Reservations made for special dates, such as the 24th to 28th of December and the 1st of January, will incur a 50% surcharge on the published pricing list. Maximum wait times are 30 minutes for address collection and 60 minutes for airport Non-contact with passengers shall be categorized as a no-show and subject to articles 3.2 and 4.3.3.

“No show” refers to a passenger who booked our service but failed to arrive at the pickup address within 30 minutes of the scheduled pickup time, including the hotel, residence, or any other private property.

Hourly Services of 1 hour or less

A no-show occurs if the Customer fails to arrive during the scheduled hours at the agreed- upon pickup location. The chauffeur will wait one hour, regardless of the amount of hours reserved, before leaving and calling the reservation a no-show. In this circumstance, full payment for the service must be made.
If a passenger who has booked an airport pickup service fails to meet the driver at the arrival area, the service will be cancelled.
The driver will wait for 60 minutes after the flight’s landing, and if the passenger does not arrive within this time frame or is unable to be located, you will be charged a fee. Those who do not make contact to report their status at the airport will be considered no- shows. In the event of a no-show, bookings made online or over the phone based on paying cash to the driver will be charged the full value of the service to a valid debit or credit card. In the event of a no-show, no refunds will be given for any bookings made with a debit or credit card.

Changes to reservations

During a ride, it is possible to alter the destination. This will be evaluated, and Westway Ride will charge for the additional kilometres as necessary.

Conduct in the Vehicle

When travelling with Westway Ride Fleet, all passengers must comply by the following basic regulations and laws: Any payment other than cash made at the request of a passenger to a service provider

3. Three Conditions of Carriage

The cost of the services is determined by the journey time and the booked time. The traveller must reserve the airport shuttle service following their flight’s check-in time or given a directive from the airline.

All wait times outside of airports are restricted to 15 minutes. After this, a price of 50 pence per minute for all waiting time will occur.

For airport travel service, a waiting time of 45 minutes from the landing at the time of flight is free (additional waiting time can be requested free at the time of booking); subsequently, 50p per minute will be charged (no additional penalty for flight delays).

25% added cost for First Class and The service provider’s quoted prices are flat rates. For any diversions, drop-offs, or pickups Passengers will be charged an extra £5.00 per diversion upon request. Prices quoted by a service unreserved service providers will be valid for 24 hours.

Neither WESTWEY CHAUFFEURS LTD nor its subcontracted or hired driver is liable for any loss or damage to a passenger’s luggage. Passengers will ensure that their luggage is properly loaded and unloaded. The service provider or its contractual or subcontracted driver maintains the right to deny any passenger service if the passenger’s luggage poses a driving hazard and makes driving Passenger vehicle reserved upon request. Some luxury vehicles, such as the Saloon, may carry four passengers and their belongings.
Buses can be reserved as needed for transporting a large number of passengers and luggage (To know about the luggage limitation and vehicle type, visit vehicles). If unaccompanied baggage is conveyed in such a situation. You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold WESTWEY CHAUFFEURS LTD and its partners, operators, customers, agents, and drivers harmless from all claims, charges, causes of action, damages, responsibilities, costs, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising out of or relating to your actions or omissions. If unaccompanied baggage is conveyed in such a situation.

You agree to defend, indemnify, and hold WESTWEY CHAUFFEURS LTD and its partners, operators, customers, agents, and drivers harmless from all claims, charges, causes of action, damages, responsibilities, costs, and expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising out of or relating to your actions or omissions. In any situation where the service provider transports unaccompanied luggage. WESTWEY CHAUFFEURS LTD will make every effort to transport the bags to the passenger’s specified destination. If the driver cannot locate the delivery receipt, the driver will return the luggage to our headquarters, where storage and further delivery fees may be charged.

4. Cancellations / Cancellation charges

24 hours before the reservation = no charge.Between 24 and 12 hours before the reservation, 50% will be charged. 12 hours before the reservation time = 100% fee.Any modification to the pickup time within 24 hours of the booking will incur a 100 percent fee.
If the customer does not arrive or contact the driver or the office within 30 minutes for non- airport pickups and 60 minutes after the flight arrival time for airport pickups, the task will be considered a no-show and the entire cost will be charged.

4.1. Delays

In harsh weather conditions and some unavoidable scenarios, consumers may be compensated for prolonged wait periods, for example. Unforeseen circumstances that necessitate a last-minute cancellation will result in a full refund to the Customer (if accepted by the Customer).In the event of an unexpected traffic delay, road blockage, or other incident that may result in financial loss for the Customer, such as missing an important meeting, hotel reservation, or flight, and Westway Ride has no control over it due to unforeseen circumstances, Westway Ride assumes no responsibility and will not provide compensation.

4.2. Penalties resulting from customers

Any penalties, such as parking citations, incurred as a consequence of customer error or failure to get prior consent will be invoiced to the customer.

4.3 Awareness of the dashboard camera

Dashcams are installed in the vehicles of the Westway Ride Fleet for the protection and safety of the passengers. Dashcams only record video footage. The microphone is disabled out of respect for the passengers’ privacy. If a client does not intend for the film to be captured, they must inform us before to the trip so that we may stop the feature during the travel.

4.4 Third-Party Website Reservations

Westway Ride is not responsible for the websites of third-party ground transportation service providers. We only accept reservations made directly through the Westway Ride website.

4.5 Vehicle Change

If the Vehicle is unavailable due to a sudden mechanical breakdown or other reason, we shall send a substitute vehicle of the same class.

5. Basic Applications

The service provider is not liable to the passenger for a breach of contract for any type of delay in delivery or failure to deliver the service if the delay or failure is caused by a circumstance beyond the Provider’s Natural Disaster, Flood, Explosion, or Accident War or the possibility of war, sabotage, revolt, or requisition; Acts, limitations, rules, by-laws, bans, or other items of any type imposed by any governmental entity authority that is supranational, governmental, legislative, or local. Traffic collisions, traffic jams, and congestion; Strikes, protests, lockouts, and other industrial actions or trade disputes (involving a third party or more than two parties) employee of the Provider of the service; Delays or cancellations of flights Technical issues, power failure, machine or computer system breakdown; Except as specifically provided in these Agreements, all implied warranties, conditions, and other terms are excluded by legislation or common law to the maximum degree allowed by The service provider is not accountable to the passenger for any implied warranty- related claims condition, term, representation, duty at common law or under the statute, or terms of a formal contract for any direct or indirect loss or damage caused by the We will attempt to rent you a vehicle from one of our partners.

5.4 If, for any reason, the driver is unable to reach the pickup location owing to traffic or any other cause, they will notify the customer immediately. If our driver fails to arrive, please contact us at +44 2037 458 989 if you need to change the pickup time. If a passenger leaves the pickup point without notifying the service provider, then the service provider will not be responsible for any loss or damage or any reimbursement to the traveler If you rent a car or taxi without our permission, we will not be accountable to pay for it, nor will we be responsible for your trip if you lose your plane.

In addition, the service provider is not responsible for any costs associated with your trip (airfare, lodging, etc. reservation, charge for parking) The service provider may cancel or stop the contract or any additional deliveries under the contract without liability to the passenger, and if the service has already been delivered Provider yet, there would be no money due or payable; The Passenger guarantees to the Provider the following: Passengers will respect the service provider’s privacy and will not reveal or use any information about the service provider’s services, company, or products without the service provider’s prior written consent. The passenger must use all permissible means to guarantee compliance with this criterion by its Staff, servants, and agents. This provision shall survive the termination of the agreement between the parties, passenger and Provider of services

6. Miscellaneous

The service provider will not grant the passenger a waiver in the event of a violation of the contract or any subsequent breach of the same or another If a competent authority finds any provision of this condition is unlawful or unenforceable, except as provided This clause will not impact the legality of any other provisions of this condition. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed following English and Welsh Please send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions.