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Westway Ride offers chauffeur-driven luxury vehicles to keep you safe and comfortable on every ride. Our big, super luxury cars drive smoooth and quiet so you can relax or work.
Large Size Means More Safety Bigger cars have more space between you and other traffic. Our Mercedes Benz, Range Rover, and Rolls Royce vehicles use heavy metal and top safety features like:

  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Blind spot cameras
  • Collision alarms
  • Stability control

The vehicle’s large size also allows for more comfortable legroom and space to spread out.
Relax in a Quiet, Smooth Ride Our luxury car interiors keep sound out. You’ll hear less noise from traffic and roads. Leather seats, climate control zones and entertainment systems make every minute enjoyable.
Chauffeurs Follow Safety Rules Westway Ride chauffeurs keep your comfort and safety first. They:

  • Get background checks
  • Have proper licenses
  • Drive safely
  • Monitor traffic procedures

GPS Tracking

We track all rides on a real-time GPS platform. This allows the dispatch team to monitor locations and traffic conditions for smarter routing.

Vehicle Safety Inspections

All vehicles undergo routine safety inspections to check brake pads, tire treads, fluid levels, etc. This prevents any problems before hitting the road.

Clean Driving Records

Our chauffeurs maintain clean driving records with no major violations. We routinely check driving histories to confirm safe driving.

Emergency Protocols

Chauffeurs are trained in emergency protocols should any unlikely situation occur. This includes safely pulling over, contacting dispatch, assisting passengers, etc.

Insurance Coverage

Westway Ride vehicles and drivers are fully insured, protecting both the vehicle and its passengers with high liability limits.

Sanitization Procedures

Between rides, our staff sanitizes all surfaces with disinfectants to kill germs and viruses, keeping the luxury interiors clean for our passengers.

Dash Cams

Dash cams provide video records of rides. They are meant mainly to capture other drivers, they add safe driving assurances.


Booking Westway Ride means you get safety, size and comfort. Let us handle driving so you can make calls, hold meetings or relax stress-free. Contact us to reserve your chauffeured luxury vehicle today.