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5 Best Transports from Heathrow Airport to London

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If you are landing at the largest airport in the United Kingdom Heathrow Airport and London City is your final destination. The thought of how to commute from LHR to London might be stressing you out. The long flight and then traveling to a final destination should always be an easy way out. In this article, we will guide you with all the possible ways you can get to London from LHR. Whether you are traveling for the first time to the UK or you are a frequent traveler, this article will help you find all the best possible solutions to make your commute easier than you can imagine.

After giving it a read, we will help you save time in deciding the solution for your airport transfer. Get all the information for each available option to make an informed decision about your journey. It is better to be sorted beforehand instead of finding the perfect option after landing. Let’s dive into all the available options to help you figure it out. No matter which terminal of LHR you are landing at, we have got all the right information for you.

Transports from Heathrow Airport to London

1. The Heathrow Express

The Heathrow Express is for those who have tight schedules and need to reach their destination at the earliest. This is the fastest way to reach the Paddington station in London. The train leaves from Heathrow after every 15 minutes. The ticket price is not that economical but the trains are comfortable and modern. The frequent departures from LHR mean you won’t have to wait any longer after coming out of the terminal. Traveling is convenient as free Wi-fo and space for luggage are available. This Heathrow Express is available at all terminals including Terminal 2, terminal 3, terminal 4, and Terminal 5. Just follow the signboard and you will find it.

2. The London Underground 

The London Tube is the cheapest but busy and have a duration of around 45 to 60 minutes. This option is also available on all terminals but is crowded most of the time. The seating level is basic as compared to Heathrow Express. This underground train leaves LHR after every 5 or 10 minutes. Through this, you can travel to various parts of central London, just follow the sign boars after landing at LHR to find the way to the underground train.

The London Underground 

3. Taxis

Another option to reach any part of London is by taxi which is available outside each terminal. This might be a bit expensive but a suitable option if you want to avoid public transport after a long flight. You have to find the taxi at the last minute and do all the negotiation for the charges right there.


4. Shuttle Service

The Heathrow Shuttle service is the middle ground between public and private transfers. You can share the ride with others. This is a bit of time taking option depending on the many stops in between and might compromise privacy. But is a cost-effective solution as compared to private taxi transfer. The per-person charges can be paid for the shuttle service and the cost is derived from people who are sharing the ride.

5. Westway Airport and Taxi Transfer

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option and a touch of luxury then Westway’s Heathrow Airport transfers are the best options. From the warm welcome by a chauffeur and no hustle of finding the driver or following the signboard. The pre-booking via call or website means you will be sorted beforehand. The rates are budget-friendly and fleets are available for all group sizes. Through our Airport taxi transfer, you experience door-to-door convenience and get dropped off at any location in London.

Westway Airport and Taxi Transfer


The options are clear for you. The choice is yours. It all depends on your budget and the time you have for commute. Every traveler has different requirements. But there is always an opportunity cost for choosing one. If you opt for a cheaper option travel time might be longer and vice versa. Always opt for the option that keeps you on your budget and also that is comfortable after a long flight.

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