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Top 5 Summer Attractions in London 2024 | Best Things To Do In London

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Summers are here and we’ve got you covered with a list of the best attraction spots in London. Summers in London is the other name for high tourism time, outdoor events, festivals, and fun times.  Rich history, beautiful culture, and eye-catching infrastructure with the loveliest of all weather make London, the best place to visit during summer vacations. 

For our adventure lovers, we have made a list of the most beautiful places to visit during summers in London that have gained massive attention from Palaces to museums and towers and other best things to do in London during Summer 2024 for visitors and tourists.  

Top 5 Summer Attractions in London to Visit 2024

1. Tower Bridge of London

The Tower of London has historical and cultural value and has a 1000-year rich history.  The Tower of London is a Victorian architectural place to visit in London, located on the North Bank of the River Thames.  The historic place has served as an arsenal, a prison, a Royal residency, a Jewel repository, and a zoo.

Events and Things To Do In Summer at The Tower Of London

During the summer season, there are many events and exhibitions to enjoy at the Tower, such as The Crown Jewels, The Gunpowder Plot, Yeoman Warder Tour, Medieval Mayhem which is held on 23rd June,  Members-only-Ceremony of the Keys, the dates of this event are 16th June, 14th July, 18th august and 08 September 2024, and Trailblazers: Women At The Tower Of London you can be a part of this event from July 1st till September 1st,2024. These events are perfect for families and will surge your cultural experience during vacation time. 

If you want to visit the London Bridge, you can book your ride with Westway Ride for a more luxurious experience at affordable fares. The place is open daily except for some public holidays and during summer you can spend the longer evenings at the Tower. 

2. Big Ben

London trip is always incomplete without a visit to Big Ben, which is a classic state-of-the-art of the city of London. One of London’s most iconic Clock Towers of the Palace of Westminster is located in the City of Westminster, Central London. The real, name of Big Ben is the Great Bell of the Great Clock of the Westminster.

Things To Do In Summer 2024 at Big Ben:

It is the best free spot for London tourist attractions and an unimaginable example of architecture to visit in summer when the sunlight gives a marvelous view of Big Ben with its melodious chimes, which have reverberated with London’s heartbeat for over 160 years. With a walk along the River Thames, you can add to your pleasant experience as Big Ben is an outer landmark and gives tourists a breathtaking view. 

3. Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is a historic London attraction and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, located in the City of Westminster, Central London. It is also an operational Church with a graveyard for many departed souls of Royals, Literary Legends, Elizabeth I, and Charles Darwin. It has been serving the British Coronation ceremonies since 1066, which manifests its historical and cultural value. The stained glass, the architecture, and the style show the eye-catching attraction that it gets from travelers and tourists. 

Events and Things To Do In Summer 2024 at Westminster Abbey

You can visit Westminster Abbey with our luxurious Westway Ride Chauffeur service, the place opens daily but the timings vary by season, which can be verified from their website.

During the summer season, there are many exclusive events and concerts, including the Hidden Highlights Tours in June, in which you get a glimpse of the areas of the Abbey that are not usually open to the public. This is a 75-minute tour, in which you will get a tour of the Abbey Gardens, including the Loast Medieval Sacristy, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Galleries, and the Jerusalem Chamber. which are part of the Medieval Monastic Precincts and have been under cultivation for 900 years. In this 75-minute tour, you will visit areas of the Abbey not normally open to the public. You will see the Abbey Gardens, part of the medieval monastic precincts and in cultivation for over 900 years.

During the summer season,  you can make your evening more memorable by discovering the best live storytelling, theatres, live music,  the event of Haydn’s The Creation on 19th June, Family day-Nature Crowns on 15th June, the Creation Exhibition- Communion Forest, the creation of Concert-Brass on the Grass from 17th July-28th August 2024 and much more that makes Westminster abbey a must-visit place on your London bucket list! 

4. Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace is not only an insignia of the British Monarch but an emblem of historic and cultural events that showcase the past very perfectly. It is located in central London, and the best time to visit is summer because it’s only open to the public from  July to September. It is an enchanting view from the outside, but an even far more monumental treat for the eyes! If you’re traveling to London and want to book your tour to Buckingham Palace without hassle then, Westway Ride has got you covered with our amazing and top-notch London Transport services. 

Events and Things To Do In Summer 2024 at Buckingham Palace:

You can explore the top attractions including the splendidly lavish 19 State Rooms, the British Monarch Residency, The Throne Room, the Royal Collection’s Greatest Treasures of Art Pieces, the Grand Stair Case, and the most popular Changing of The Guards ceremony. This year Buckingham Palace Summer Opening for the public is from July 15th to September 29th, 2024 from 9 am to 7:30 p.m. from Thursdays to Mondays.

 If you are a history and art lover then this is the perfect attraction in London, for a more curated experience you can also visit Westminster Abbey, the British Museum, and the House of Parliament for an unbeatable historical thrill. You can visit the Palace by buying the tickets in advance and the prices vary according to age, you can get the complete details from their website. 

5. London Eye 

If you are visiting London and want to see the awe-inspiring panoramic displays with bursts of lights from the top then London-eye is a must-visit and one of the top London’s attraction spots!

London Eye is located on the South Bank of the River Thames and was constructed in 2000. The best free thing to do during your London Tour is you can get a view of Big Ben and the Hosue of Parliament from the 32 sealed glass-pods Ferris Wheel that spins for about 30 minutes. 

Things To Do In Summer 2024 at London Eye

The London Eye opens daily with special extended hours during the most hyped summer season which is full of tourists. It has the pride of being the top-paid tourist Attraction Spot in London. It has bagged around 85 awards for national and international tourism and amazing architectural and engineering innovations that give a 360-degree view of the city.  

During the Summer, there are multiple discounts and themes offered by London Eye Management, every year. You can buy the tickets from the County Hall. the ticket prices depend upon the category you choose for yourself, varying from Champaigne Experiences, Cupid’s Pod, Eye Lounge, Private Pods, and proposals. If you are in a hurry then you can buy an online ticket in advance or a fast-track ticket to avoid standing in the queue. 

Wrapping Up

After the long and hard winter season, the sun’s rays shine like sparkling stars in the lives of Londoners and tourists around London. Everyone feels excited and enthusiastic to enjoy summers to the fullest. Therefore, we have given a list of the best and top London tourist attractions to visit during the summer season, to indulge in a historic and inspiring experience during the most vibrant season of the year. So,  pack your bags and explore the best rides with Westway Ride during your trip to London and save yourself from the daily hassle of finding a cab across London streets.  

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