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Visit London, take in the magnificent sights and activities, and benefit from the enormous range of things to do there. You can find a lot to do in London, from well-known tourist spots to unique ideas for days out, whether you’re a first-time visitor or a native Londoner.

In London, there is always something to see and do. It is hard to be bored since it has some of the world’s greatest art, entertainment, cuisine, shopping, and history.

Let’s examine the top 10 Fun Things To Do In London While Visiting For The First Time:

Tower Bridge

London’s Tower Bridge is an instantly identifiable landmark. Although it isn’t as famous as Tower Bridge, what is often referred to as the London Bridge is another bridge that spans the same river. Tower Bridge is free to cross on foot, but you must take a tour inside the towers or over the high-level deck.

Westminster Abbey and Big Ben

You won’t have to work very hard to get a sight of Big Ben, which is a symbol of England. There isn’t much to do but snap pictures of it, like from a bridge. With Westminster Abbey, which is next behind, this is readily coupled. All royal rituals, like marriages and burials, occur at this well-known church. It has a long history in Britain. There is a £20 entrance charge if you’re a huge admirer and want to see the abbey.

Columbia Road Flower Market

One of London’s oldest and most well-liked flower marketplaces, bursting to the seams with various floral delights. One of the greatest locations in the city to purchase flowers, bedding plants, cactus, and a banana tree if you have the patio space and upper body power to carry it. This market is a weekend institution in east London.

The market is open until 3 p.m. every day, rain or shine, but if you want to get the best discounts, you must be there before 8 a.m. Strolling alongside alleys during market hours, you may find fantastic cafés, shops, antique dealers, and galleries.

The Coca-Cola London Eye

Europe’s tallest observation wheel offers 360-degree views of London from its highest point, 443 feet above sea level. For an unrivalled bird’s-eye perspective of the city, ride on the Coca-Cola London Eye, also known as the Millennium Wheel, London’s most well-known attraction. Each pod has an interactive tablet that provides additional information and specifics about the locations you’ll see throughout your wheel round.

Buckingham Palace

The British royal family is still a crucial representation of the UK, even if the Queen often serves as more of a figurehead than a full-time leader. If you didn’t know, the Queen of England resides in Buckingham Palace. This royal palace is still used as a house, but it is also a very apparent tourist destination since it is well-known all over the globe, has lovely grounds, offers tours like an art gallery, and is, of course, a palace.

Kew Gardens

Any time of year, this top-ranked botanic garden is fascinating. It is now blossoming beautifully, bursting with vibrant blooms. Along with its bizarre and fascinating vegetation, the park also offers an outdoor theatre and film program and an immersive summer exhibit called Food Forever.

Sea Life Aquarium

Marine LIFE Aquarium, the largest aquarium in London, is situated on the trendy South Bank of the city and is home to a variety of marine life, including sharks, octopi, colourful fish, turtles, penguins, and more. The place is fun for kids to visit. Don’t forget to look up while you’re in the Pacific Ocean tank’s underwater tunnel called Shark Walk when you witness sharks swimming about in the air.

Hyde Park

The biggest and arguably most well-known park in London is Hyde Park. The park has historical importance since it has been the site of several rallies and demonstrations, notably those by the Suffragettes. Speaker’s Corner in the park is still used weekly for speeches, demonstrations, and performances by artists. You may paddle a boat here, view a lot of swans, and get some fresh air right in the middle of the city. The park has various memorial structures and two bodies of water, the most well-known being the Serpentine.

Harry Potter Studio

This location is a must-see for “Pottophiles”. This location is a must-see for “Pottophiles.” It’s about how movies are made, not a theme park like those in Orlando, Florida. Fans of Harry Potter will enjoy learning about the nuances of the movie and marvelling at the work that went into making it. You can view the original sets and props.

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Which month is the best time to visit London?

From March through May, when the weather is mild and the parks are lush and in bloom, London is at its most delightful. Like summer, late spring is a busy period for travellers, and hotel and airline prices reflect this.

Is it worthwhile to travel to London?

Whether looking for art or architecture, food or sports, London has been cultivated into a great metropolis in its 2,000-year history. London is well known for its unique and world-class fashion, cuisine, art, and architecture.

What does London excel at?

London’s prominent landmarks include Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the British Museum, and Tower Bridge. In addition to its long history, London is well known for its red phone booths, double-decker buses, world-class museums, expansive, lush parks, financial districts, and multicultural vibe.


Our collection of some of the finest and most well-liked activities in London for your future visit. Consider including a few of these popular sights. We are certain that you and your family will have a terrific experience, whether you are travelling with little children, teenagers, or adults.

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