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Places to Visit in UK during Winter

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The UK has a lot of great places to visit, whether you’re looking for a cosy holiday or an enchanting winter vacation in London. There are many lovely locations to explore in the UK during winter. The UK can be a stunning travel destination during this time of year. 

The United Kingdom attracts tourists from all over the globe due to the variety of its tourist attractions and its rich cultural history. The UK is home to everything you need for a vacation that will be truly memorable, from top-notch art galleries and museums to the best nightclubs. Even though you may not have heard much about it, the UK in the winter is a sight to behold with its biting wind and chilly rain.

Best Places to Visit in UK During Winter

We have some great suggestions for where to go in winter in the UK, and the country is just as wonderful to celebrate in the winter.


Devon is an amazing and wild region of England. Wales borders the county in the southwest to the north, Cornwall to the west, and Brittany to the south, but it has managed to maintain its unique identity. Devon is well-known for several things, including its breathtaking coastline, gorgeous beaches, and of course, the Devonshire cream tea, all of which add to its appeal as a tourist destination.

Devon is stunning all year round, but winter holds a particular attraction. The county offers high-quality food in eateries, markets, and festivals, such as fruits and vegetables. Ice cream, fudge, and fish and chips are also included! Additionally, it is the only county in the UK and England with two National Parks and a non-constant coastline on both the north and south.


Edinburgh is one of the top winter destinations in the UK, particularly around the holidays. Numerous celebrations and events are held in the Scottish capital during Christmas, including a spectacular light display in Princes Street Gardens, where more than a thousand fairy lights are turned on for the Festival of Lights.

Early in December each year, visitors from all over Europe are welcomed to the Edinburgh International Christmas Market in nearby George Street to experience various holiday treats and enjoy live entertainment. In addition, families come from far and wide to see one of the biggest trees in the UK, located in the city’s centre, and the streets are decorated with lovely wreaths and garlands.

During Hogmanay, the legendary Scottish New Year, one of the best street festivities on earth, marks the beginning of a new year. Edinburgh’s Hogmanay festivities continue until mid-morning with a family fireworks show and live music.

York, North Yorkshire

There is so much to do, but visiting the St Nicholas Fair and Christmas Markets should be at the top of your schedule. Here you may look forward to enjoying an ice rink, visiting Santa and savouring wonderful foods in a Scandinavian environment. If you like the Christmas season, this should be the top of your winter vacation spots in the UK.

Afterwards, take a walk across the city to appreciate the wonderful lights surrounding the buildings. Be sure to visit around the Shambles, a prominent street boasting wonderful tiny shops decked with seasonal decorations and offering artisan goodies.

If you want to spend a spookier winter, York offers no lack of haunting adventures! You might go on a ghost tour and become lost in the city’s ghostly history, or you may dare to visit the interactive and exciting York Dungeon.

Isle of Skye

This island in the Hebrides is among the best places in the UK during the winter for various reasons. The Isle of Skye is fantastic to visit in the winter because of the gorgeous light. It makes visiting and photographing the island enjoyable, from Talisker Bay to the Fairy Pools.

Winter is the best time to visit, especially given that the Isle of Skye experiences midge infestations and other problems during the summer. Another benefit of visiting in the winter is the changing view. When the sun shines through the thick frost on the ground, it resembles sparkling diamonds and adds atmosphere to the Black Cuillins.

Cotswolds English Heartland 

The Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty was bound to make our list due to its plethora of uniquely English villages and towns packed with things to do. With its streets decorated with lovely lights and crowded with Christmas market stalls, this charming town is especially lovely in the winter. The tree in the middle makes wintertime strolls along the river in the city delightful.

Due to its Festival of Lights, Blenheim Palace is the ideal destination to visit during the holiday season. Between November and January, you can look forward to following a mystical trail of lights and then unwinding with a hot chocolate while admiring the scenery.

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In the UK, there are plenty of wonderful wintertime destinations. For those who enjoy being outside, the chilly drizzle and biting wind that occasionally make cities appear so gloomy can also add a real dramatic punch to the rugged countryside. With so many new atmospheric landscapes and lovely, cosy cities, winter can be a great time to visit the UK. 

Our list of the top places to travel in the winter includes our picks for the UK’s most magical places. Whether you want to indulge in some Christmas shopping or take a peaceful boating break, there is bound to be somewhere on our list you’ll want to visit.

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