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11 Tips to Stay Healthy while Travelling in London

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It is easy to lose your routine while travelling. Even the best plans might go out the window during a long trip. However, our London travel guide can help you remain well while on your trip, whether for business or pleasure. If you’re not feeling well, enjoying any activities is challenging. A few easy steps are necessary to stay healthy when travelling.

Tips to Stay Healthy while Travelling in London

1.Maintain your immune system

To maintain your immune system as robust as possible, in addition to any normal medications you take, take a daily intake of vitamins and supplements. You should be prepared for any germs or viruses you could get when travelling since airplanes, trains, and cabs aren’t the cleanest of environments.

2. Take safety measures while flying

Long flights dehydrate the body. Until the journey is nearly finished, consume just a little food, remain hydrated, and avoid coffee, alcohol, and sweets completely. Taking quick steps every hour may reduce your chance of developing a blood clot in your leg on lengthy flights. Flex your ankles when sitting, and avoid crossing your legs. 

3. Walk

Keep your step-counter on from the minute you leave your hotel in London City until you return home for supper after a day of sightseeing. You’ll be shocked at the distance you traverse, even while utilising public transportation. Walking in London is part of the experience. When you think about how many lovely, green, healthful walking routes there are surrounding the city, it feels like a missed opportunity that a lot of that walking ends up going through cityscapes or underground networks.

4. Rest well at night

You’ll probably want to nap on a long journey. However, position yourself with a travel cushion that maintains your head in the right position before you fall asleep on your side and wake up with a sore neck. It is healthier for your body and will result in a deeper sleep.

5. Eat healthfully

Eating healthy can solve (or at least help) many health-related problems. While you’re on the road, you may need to exercise some self-control to maintain this concentration, but it’s important to remain healthy. Be sure to check into wholesome travel snacks! While it will only sometimes be feasible, aim to make eating healthily a need rather than a luxury.

6. Be flexible in your plans

Plans sometimes go through, and that’s alright. It occurs! Be a little flexible when making your list of things to see in London, and do and try only a few things in one day, as this might leave you exhausted.

In the event of traffic jams or poor weather, having a backup plan is a smart idea. Keep an open mind while making your plans since you can discover something else you want to accomplish much more than you had anticipated! Please prepare a few fun backup plans that you’d want to take.

7. Keep your ears safe

Temporary hearing issues may arise after prolonged exposure to aeroplane-level sound (usually 85 dB) for more than eight hours per day. Instead, use noise-cancelling headphones and spend money on filtered earplugs to eliminate background noise. Wearing them during takeoff and landing may help avoid major injury and perforation, which is crucial for people susceptible to aircraft ear (the sensation of tension on your eardrum during a shift in pressure).

8. Keep clean

Keep your nails short and neat, avoid touching your facial parts, and wash your hands often. Good hand sanitisers may be useful. But hand washing with soap and warm water should still do as they only combat bacteria, not viruses.

9. Bring a reusable water bottle with you

We’ve heard that dehydration worsens the effects of jet lag. To keep hydrated when travelling, sip plenty of water. Since water cannot be brought through the security checkpoint, carry an empty reusable water bottle that you can fill at the water fountain after passing through security.

10. Hope for the best while being prepared for the worst.

No matter how cautious we are, sickness may still strike. Since you never know when someone may scratch the knee or twist the ankle, a little first aid bag is very useful. Basic medications should be included in your bag to be ready for any eventuality. 

Yes, the neighbourhood drugstore probably has what you need, but what if you need something at 2 AM? Though ideally, you won’t ever need it, having that gear on hand will come in handy. Pack your essentials, and you can enjoy your vacation easily. 

11. Use Westway Professional Chauffeur Service:

Our first concern is the health and well-being of our clients, and we have been doing all in our control to ensure a safe atmosphere for all of our clients and chauffeurs. With Westway Ride, you can plan your vacation knowing that you will have the least chance of becoming ill during your trip. Our airport chauffeur services include additional safety measures to greatly enhance the security of your travel surroundings and lower the possibility of cross-contamination.


Having a pleasant time when travelling overseas, regardless of how long it takes, requires learning how to keep healthy. Plan, be flexible with your schedule, get enough sleep, take vitamins, and work out daily to take care of yourself before and throughout your vacation. You’ll have the finest experience possible if you take these steps. By being aware of healthy travel practices, you prepare yourself for an incredible journey.

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